Why LegalAliens

Let’s clarify… the name is ironic.. No one is an alien on this Earth and no human existence is ever “illegal”.

LegalAliens was founded in 2010 by a group of theatre makers who had migrated to the UK from different countries. We advocate for more (and more nuanced) representation of first generation migrants in the arts.

We produce original translations of contemporary European plays about issues affecting our society

As a not for profit organisation, rooted in our North London community, we believe in theatre as a tool to fight social isolation and foster inclusion. And we work with communities through an array of free workshops for migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, young and disabled people and people on low income who can’t afford attending regular classes.

We were endorsed in 2010 by Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo:

“Having met some actors from LegalAliens, I was awestruck by their enthusiasm. Their starting point, the themes and the way they embrace their work are definitely to be encouraged. Be brave! You are in a country that has always been open to new ideas and culturally fervent projects.  SUERTE! And a big hug.”