Between the devil and the deep blue sea

“Between the devil and the deep blue sea” is a long term project about one of the greatest tragedies of the last fifty years, the refugees crisis that has seen millions of people trying to cross the Mediterranean and walk across Europe to flee war and destruction.

Refugees come to Europe from different countries, languages, traditions, religions, cities. The experience they left behind, “home”, was personal and unique like their dreams, expectations and projects. But once arrived in Europe, all these different, personal, unique, narratives get put into ONE box with the label “refugee” stuck on it. They somehow stop being individuals and become a category that politicians, the press, the man in the street, often talks about as if they were all the same.

One of the greatest horrors of being forced to flee your home is losing not only your house, possessions and friends but your own individuality.

Through our sessions we would like to not only use games, songs, sketches to encourage “refugees and migrants” (we put these words in inverted commas because we dislike the very idea of labelling these individuals as if they were all the same) to share their stories and talk about the past, but also to help them rebuild their personal narrative in order to see a future. Especially vulnerable individuals like minors and women sometimes spend months or years stuck in limbo, waiting for papers that can set them free, surrounded by people who like them have had their hopes destroyed. We believe theatre can empower such people and make their voice heard. To prove that there isn’t just one narrative. That there is a way out and a life that doesn’t have the label “refugee” posted on it.

Through theatre participants can also learn skills, practice English (spoken and written), costume making, stage making, poster designing.

We hope to be able to produce a performance – or series of performances – at the end of this project and an exhibition inspired by our work.

We believe is our responsibility, as artists and as European citizens, to offer support in all the ways we can, and to help fight prejudice.