“Migrations: harbour Europe” is a long term project dedicated to finding new way to represent refugees and migrants and their stories.

As a company of migrant artists, we often feel our experience underrepresented on stage. Media – mainstream theatre included – often talk about migration but always repeating the same cliches, as if migrants’ identity began and ended with their “journey”. We believe theatre should avoid the pitfall, noted by Chimamanda Adichie of “falling for the single story, reducing complex human beings to a single narrative”.

Which is why we launched a Europe-wide call for plays, to look for new voices, fresh prospectives and alternative narratives. But we won’t just read and select texts ourselves, We want to involve as many refugees and migrant communities as possible in the creative process. By running workshops in which we share extracts from the texts we’ve received as well as our own experience as artists of migrant background using Theatre of the Oppressed techniques, story telling and physical theatre.

Through theatre participants can also learn skills, practice English (spoken and written), costume making, stage making, poster designing.

We hope to be able to produce a performance – or series of performances – at the end of this project and an exhibition inspired by our work.