TIME IS UP for MIGRATIONS: HARBOUR EUROPE. Now it’s selection time!

LegalAliens in collaboration with New Tides Platform and Migrant Dramaturgies Network have been looking for plays by European or EU-based playwrights on the theme of Migrations: Harbour Europe. Now TIME IS UP!

We encouraged submissions that addressed and reflected on the broad topic of migration and Europe. While we acknowledged the importance of documentary/ verbatim plays that deal directly with migratory identities and experiences, we really wished to attract original, bold and imaginative scripts which fully embraced theatricality and offers creative/ aesthetic alternatives for (re)imagining migrancy in Europe today.

We welcomed plays that challenge stereotypes, clichés and dominant narratives of migration. The call was intentionally broad and could be approached literally, metaphorically or abstractly. We particularly encouraged submissions from strong female voices and playwrights who identify as migrants or of migrant descent

Submission requirements:

  • Written in a European language
  • Please include a one-page synopsis in English. If an English translation exists, it can also be attached, with the understanding that LegalAliens is likely to create a new translation. Also include a short bio.
  • Plays already performed in their original language are welcome, provided they’ve never been presented in the UK
  • Between 60-80 minutes in length
  • 1-5 actors (multi-roling accepted)
  • Submitted in .doc or .pdf format

Further details

We received over 150 submissions from 17 different countries. They will be read by a panel composed of theatre-makers (directors, actors, dramaturgs), translators, academics and theatre critics. Up to three plays will be selected and – if needed – translated into English. After selection, plays will be given a week of R&D with our team in London and presented as staged readings at the ArcolaTheatre in London. Staged readings will be followed by public debates. We hope to identify at least one play to take forward into full production, directed by Becka McFadden.

Shortlist announced by 12th December 2018.
Staged Readings: 5th 6th and 7th of February at the Arcola Theatre

Terms and Conditions

The readings are part of an R&D, they will be free of charge to attract the most diverse audience and no profit will be sought by the company. A £80 token will be offered to writers at this stage, plus usage of the English translation we’ll provide.

If a play is selected for full production later in the year, royalties will be negotiated according to the British Writers Guild (Fringe agreement)

Project Partners

New Tides Platform is an independent organisation established in 2015, exploring and encouraging cross-cultural exchanges and dialogue within contemporary performing arts. As a collaborative venture we work with universities, theatres and creative/ art organisations as well as journals and publishers. As facilitators of cultural projects, we provide a forum for encounters connecting academic research, contemporary theatre-making and communities of thinkers, makers and spectators. Working as an outreach platform, we develop local, national and international collaborations and networks that are responsive to social and cultural changes within and outside contemporary theatre practices. For more information, please visit: www.newtidesplatform.org

Migrant Dramaturgies Network is an international research network developed in partnership with New Tides Platform (UK) and the Centre for Theatre Research at the University of Lisbon, Portugal. It is a platform for exchange and knowledge sharing between academics, theatre-makers and organisations involved in migrant theatre on various levels of artistic and cultural creation and development. We aim to explore emerging dramaturgies of theatrical responses to migration in light of recent migration and shifts in global politics and economics. We wish to map new theatrical forms of migrant representation and identify their impacts on national theatre cultures in shaping the perception of non-European migrants and migrant cultures. Visit our microblog at: www.migrantdramaturgies.tumblr.com



We’re delighted THE RETURN, the first ever translation of the award winning play by Sergio Pierattini, has been selected to appear at the beautiful St James Theatre Studio, in the heart of central London, as part of the Studio’s Play Week.

The St James is a newly refurbished state of the art venue, located at 12 Palace Street (off Buckingham Palace Road, 2 minutes from Victoria), London, SW1E 5JA.


Excited by the chance we were offered, we went back to the rehearsal room,  and what an exciting process it has been!
We found some new nuances in the text and also decided to explore it physically, using the transitions between scenes to go deep into each character’s feelings.  The language of the translation has also been tweaked to give even a more accurate sense of the original linguistic landscape.

But let’s not give too much away, you’ll have to come and see it!
Bookings are open so buy your ticket before it’s too late!
Box Office: 0844 264 2140 | boxoffice@stjamestheatre.co.uk

And now as a preview, some pics straight from the rehearsal room, by our great photographer John Watts.









Generational Icons. The International Project – 29 May 2013

Why does the noble idea of an integrated Europe, an idea dating back to the late Middle Ages, so often meet with such criticism? Is it possible to try to create a bond between the individual European states with all their differences? How are these differences perceived by different generations? What is it that binds us anyway? These and many more questions were asked at the start of the project Generational Icons, which was initiated by Theatre Letí and the Centre for Contemporary Drama in Prague.

LegalAliens is very excited to bring the Generational Icons project for the first time across the channel in collaboration with RADA Graduate New Writing Workshop. As a company our goal from the start has been to foster new European writing in translation and to forge synergies with international companies in order to create a shared platform. The United Kingdom is bedrock of new writing, a country with a strong tradition of playwrights, with numerous new writing initiatives as well as university courses all over the country. We hope to convey the local as well as the global nature of the themes negotiated by the three continental playwrights.

The main aim of Generational Icons is a direct confrontation between individual nationalities, generations and cultural contexts. The result is three plays from three countries – Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria – by three different generations of playwrights. Although different in form, ranging from the more traditional dramatic form to postdramatic theatre, all three plays reflect the current social-political and economic environment. Both the Czech Poker Face  by Petr Kolečko, and the Slovak ‘Kill Hill ™’, by Villam  Klimáček deal with the theme of money and games. Money and the freedom that money can bring are connected with games (virtual reality for Klimáček and poker for Kolečko). Both plays deal with the loss of ideals and disillusionment which ensued the arrival of the capitalist and pragmatic social system after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. iPlay by Bernard Studler is a collage where poetry, humour, and politics blend.

As usual LegalAliens has put together an international cast of actors performing in English. These aren’t “readings” in the traditional term as the plays aren’t traditional texts. Kill Hill is effectively a video game, and the actors are moving around like characters in a game. Poker face also features movements, videos and audio contributions. Here are some pics:
kill hill2kill hill5 kill hill6 kill hill7 kill hill8 kill hill9



kill hill3 (3)

kill hill4















The readings were curated by Czech Dramaturg Eva Danickova and directed by Becka McFadden.