Theatre of the oppressed workshops

From early 2015 LegalAliens ha started running Theatre of the Oppressed workshops with young people, migrants, women and refugees.

We run sessions in studios in Haringey, North London as well as in spaces provided by the charities we collaborate with.

Our sessions are tailored according to the group we’re working with, and we’re particularly aware of cultural specifics, traumatic experiences and personal issues. As a group created by “foreign” artists in London, at LegalAliens we’re effectively migrants ourselves and believe in the idea of using theatre as a tool to empower people and have usually unheard voices heard.

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We use warm up games directly inspired by August Boal’s “Games for an actors and non actors” in which participants discover space and movement through group and pair work, followed by simple devising tasks like creating a group sculpture or a multi-voice poem, and finally by improvisation.

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We also run complete “forum theatre” sessions, in which participants are invited to share an example of “oppression”, the example is performed, discussed, then performed a second time but this time everyone in the audience is invited to “freeze” the scene and swap with one of the actors in order to change the dynamics and potentially turn the victim into a winner

We’ve run sessions in schools, migrant centres, youth centres and recently during IGNITE! the annual event organised by The Challenge UK to empower young people.

If you run a school, youth centre, refugee centre or charity and are interested in Forum Theatre or in a Theatre of the Oppressed session please contact us at