With London attracting an ever increasing number of international actors, the demand for workshops focused on the specific needs of performers whose first language isn’t English is continuing to grow.
London is a multicultural city, open to different cultures and background, but the British industry has its specifics, and it might take some time for newcomers to navigate their way within its theatre world.

What’s the difference between West End, Off west End and Fringe? Who to contact and how? Which casting websites are worth joining? How to produce your own show? And is your English really good enough? Is your CV correctly formatted and your headshots right for the UK market?
In order to answer these questions and more we devised a workshop specifically aimed at “unlocking” the secrets of the London acting scene.

We run our PASSPORT LONDON workshop every three months at the ACTORS CENTRE in London. We can also devise bespoke workshops for universities and drama schools.

The workshops are also an opportunity for us to meet new actors. 

To book through the Actors Centre, please go to

If you’re a drama department and would like to discuss a workshop please contact Deidan Williams at