We are all migrants. As human beings we’re an amazing cocktail of cultures, languages, nationalities. As such, no human being is illegal. We are all different and we all belong to planet Earth. 
We’re all LEGAL ALIENS. 

LegalAliens is an international theatre ensemble based in London. We believe in a theatre without borders bringing stories from everywhere to people anywhere. With no need for passports, visas or barriers. 


We specialise primarily in original translations of contemporary European theatre. One of the strengths of the London scene is its multi-culturalism and we are working to keep alive this incredible crucible of creativity. 

Our goal is first of all artistic: we want to demystify “European” theatre, getting rid of that label of intellectualism it is often associated with. Our shows are thought provoking and clever but also entertaining, moving, accessible. Stories are stories, no matter where they come from.

Our goal, whether we like it or not, is also political. When we first started our journey, we had no idea Europe would be at the centre of such a heated debate in the UK. We were a group of international artists and it came natural to us to start our journey talking about places we knew. But recent events have made our work feel urgent. We’re swimming against the tides of nationalism and isolationism, convinced theatre could help making Europe feel less distant and “foreign” by staging more stories from the continent. The plays we produce were written in Europe but are as universal as the human experience. They can move, entertain and interest all sorts of audiences.

Theatre, since its very beginning, has been a place for communities to get together, share, talk. Come and share. Engage with us, challenge us, this is what we are looking for. All theatre is at its chore political.


We offer an array of workshops to reinforce our vision of theatre as a place to share knowledge, empower people and learn new skills. From Forum theatre for communities, to Learn foreign Language through theatre, to Workshops for international actors in collaboration with the Actors Centre we’re proud of being a place for actors and non actors to meet, share and express themselves.   We’re inspired by Augusto Boal’sTheatre of the Oppressed, and employing classical, poetic and non-dramatic texts as an inspiration, pushing the boundaries of languages, genres and styles, mixing idioms, physical theatre and text.

Our company was endorsed in 2010 by Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo: 

“Having met some of LegalAliens actors, I was awestruck by their enthusiasm. Their starting point, the themes and the way they embrace their work are definitely to be encouraged, so they can contribute to bringing the European tradition, culture and history to the forefront of the British theatre. Be brave! You are in a country that has always been open to new ideas and culturally fervent projects.  SUERTE! And a big hug.”


★★★★★Raw edged and relevant   ★★★★ Combines aspects of physical theatre with unique interpretations   ★★★★ The work of a confident theatrical imagination   ★★★★Very funny and sophisticated